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[Upcoming Event] Troubled App? Look to the Data Model

Join Ned Gnichtel and Brandon Tylke for a 45-minute introduction into analyzing data models and their ramifications on codebases.

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The Onboarding Process: 4 Key Steps for New Devs [Video]

Brandon Tylke & Eric Minick share 4 best practices for successfully onboarding new devs. Learn more & see CodeLogic's latest webinar replay.

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Getting New Developers Up to Speed - FAST!

Join Brandon Tylke and Eric Minick for a look into the typical challenges new developers face and approaches we use to accelerate the learning curve.

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Profiling the Deepest Parts of Your Tech Stack [Video]

Mentis Inc and CodeLogic shared the tools and strategies needed to comply with upcoming privacy regulations at Insight Tech Talks NYC's virtual event. 

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CodeLogic & MENTIS Present at Insight Tech Talks NYC

Curious about automating code-level dependency and sensitive data discovery? Join CodeLogic and MENTIS on at Insight Tech Talks NYC's virtual Meetup.

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