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CodeLogic 21.7 Extends Dependency Graph and Simplifies Analysis

CodeLogic released 21.7 on April 19th. This version introduces better database captures, new data filtering, support for RHEL, and other great updates.

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CodeLogic, Inc. Secures $16 Million in Series A Funding

CodeLogic, Inc., announced $16 million in Series A funding, securing significantly more than the originally intended amount.

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Shorter Software Releases: Reduce Stress for Your Engineering Team

CodeLogic's CSA, Brandon Tylke, outlines how continuously integrating, building, deploying, & testing can minimize the stress within your engineering team.

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[Upcoming Event] Getting New Developers Up to Speed - FAST!

Join Brandon Tylke and Eric Minick for a look into the typical challenges new developers face and approaches we use to accelerate the learning curve.

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CodeLogic's Rich Client Advanced Filtering Techniques [Video]

Applications can be complicated. In this video, we show techniques for searching within your applications using CodeLogic's rich client based on Cytoscape.

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