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Refactoring Monolithic Architecture to Microservices: Worth It?

CodeLogic delves into monolithic architecture and microservices, answering when they should be used, and if refactoring really is worthwhile.

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Database Migration? Don't Forget Your Apps

Learn more about database migration and how to make the process easier! Check out CodeLogic to get started migrating your database with ease.

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5 Ways a Dependency Map Improves Software Development

Software development has a ton of moving pieces. Find out how a dependency map improves software development.

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CodeLogic 21.18 Release Notes

CodeLogic's latest release, 21.18, adds Applications as a formal concept to the solution and introduces a new Relationship Report. 

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CodeLogic 21.17 is now available

CodeLogic version 21.17 was released on September 8th, 2021. With this release, we expanded our capabilities for .Net web service scanning.

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