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CodeLogic Inc. Launches First Comprehensive Application Dependency Mapping Solution

CodeLogic, Inc. announces comprehensive application dependency mapping analysis tool that saves time and money for development teams of all sizes.

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4 Key Steps for Successful Developer Onboarding

Watch CodeLogic's webinar outlining 4 best practices for creating a smooth developer onboarding process and ensuring success for your new team members.

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CodeLogic, Inc. Secures $16 Million in Series A Funding

CodeLogic, Inc., announced $16 million in Series A funding, securing significantly more than the originally intended amount.

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Software Logic: How Shorter Release Cycles Reduce Stress

CodeLogic outlines how continuously integrating, building, deploying & testing your software logic using shorter release cycles can minimize team stress.

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Docker Builds: Creating Reliable Products | CodeLogic

CodeLogic's Chief Software Engineer discusses why local Docker builds are the best way to build a product locally and ensure its success on other machines.

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