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CodeLogic, Inc. Appoints Robert Levy as Chairman of the Board

CodeLogic, Inc. announces the appointment of Robert Levy as Chairman of the Board.

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Troubled App? Look to the Data Model

Join Ned Gnichtel and Brandon Tylke for a 45-minute introduction into analyzing data models and their ramifications on codebases.

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CodeLogic Inc. Launches First Comprehensive Application Dependency Mapping Solution

CodeLogic, Inc. announces comprehensive application dependency mapping analysis tool that saves time and money for development teams of all sizes.

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The Onboarding Process: 4 Key Steps for New Devs [Video]

Brandon Tylke & Eric Minick share 4 best practices for successfully onboarding new devs. Learn more & see CodeLogic's latest webinar replay.

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CodeLogic 21.7 Extends Dependency Graph and Simplifies Analysis

CodeLogic released 21.7 on April 19th. This version introduces better database captures, new data filtering, support for RHEL, and other great updates.

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