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CodeLogic Inc. Launches First Comprehensive Application Dependency Mapping Solution

We are thrilled to announce the launch of CodeLogic, Inc.'s comprehensive application dependency mapping analysis solution, addressing an urgent gap in the DevOps marketplace. 

CodeLogic's automated approach reveals a comprehensive view of end-to-end dependencies in real-time. As a result, development teams of all sizes can understand the interconnectivity of their applications and confidently determine how to make code and system changes.

“CodeLogic is the only tool that combines detailed code-level dependencies with runtime analytics to provide easily accessible, living documentation in one place,” said Greg Wunderle, CEO of CodeLogic, Inc.

“By delivering an accurate visualization of how systems interconnect, developers can work more productively and contribute more confidently than ever before.”   

CodeLogic's complete view of software architecture removes the reliance on oral histories about applications and their connections and eliminates the onerous need to maintain static, outdated documentation. It's centralized, living map serves as a navigational tool for development teams to understand new codebases twice as fast, predict failure points before commits are made, and stay on the same page remotely.  

Click here to read the full press announcement. 

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