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CodeLogic 21.4 is Released with NodeJS Support

With release 21.4 CodeLogic is introducing new targets for decomposition as well as additional user experiences. 


We are introducing support for server-side JavaScript, including NodeJS in this release. CodeLogic can now decompose and model your NodeJS based applications just like Java or .Net apps. 

NodeJS has been one of the most requested languages to decompose, and we are excited to deliver!

If you'd like to try this new capability, contact us at support@codelogic.com. 

Java Web Service Interactions

CodeLogic has been able to decompose Java applications and map relationships between the code and databases. Now in 21.4, web service calls such as REST between different Java services are picked up to better understand and visualize how microservices interact.

Are they working through the API layer as they should? Are they writing to the same tables and communicating through the database? Some of each? Now you can see it clearly. 

If you'd like to try this new capability, contact us at support@codelogic.com. 

New Node Detail Page

We've added a drill in to a give node where you can see in one place all the connections in and out. It's also a one stop shop for governance rules and audit information about a given node in the graph. 

I like that it also provides a simple URL you can shoot over to a teammate, or add to an issue in a work item tracker like Jira. 

For those of you using the early access version of the rich client, right clicking on a node in there, choosing the CodeLogic context menu and then selecting Node Detail will bring you from the rich client into the web client at this page. It's a nice way to traverse from one experience to the other. 


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