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CodeLogic 21.3 Released

We're enhancing CodeLogic every day. With this release, we did a lot of work under the covers speeding things up, enhancing agents and more. The big changes everyone will notice are in the areas of ease of use and user experience.


Enhancements and Updates

  • A new Legend
    • CodeLogic dependency graphs can span many different types of entities. To make it clearer what you are looking at, we added a legend to the bottom-right of the dependency screens.  In the screenshot below, it's now more clear that when you're looking at a class like "Vulnerability" the method getDesc() depends on the "full_desc" column of a SQL table which was discovered via JDBC.  

      new legend
  • A small arrow has also been added within the nodes that have children to make it more obvious which will expand out to show more if clicked.
  • Added enhanced governance rules, providing regex filters and asset matching.
  • Added API documentation (swagger).
  • Added consistent node color coding across web and rich client interfaces. 

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed a null pointer error when the scanned package implements Java modules where no superclass exists.
  • Addressed defect where stale user cookies caused difficulties authenticating.
  • Addressed scenarios where top level nodes would not appear in the web UI.

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