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CodeLogic 21.17 is now available

We released version 21.17 of CodeLogic on September, 8th 2021. This update is focused on our .Net scanning.

ASP.Net endpoint mapping

We have added additional scanning to better surface information about which API endpoints are exposed by your application or service and how that relates back to the methods that serve those endpoints.

Understanding the API surface of an application can help teams improve their applications, grok security implications of changes and better manage the relationships between multiple services or applications. 

The new scan looks for REST endpoints matching the ASP.Net conventions. For example, in the screenshot below, the scan detects the HttpPost annotation.

screenshot of a HttpPost annotation

Now, CodeLogic understands that not only do you have an Upsert endpoint, but also that this method serves the endpoint, returning a Task. As shown in the screenshot below, a developer viewing the endpoint in the web interface can see a clear relationship. 

screenshot of an endpoint in a web interface
Additional meta-data is captured along the way and is viewable in the "Node Details" perspective for the endpoint. For example, CodeLogic captures the verb (such as "Get" or "Post") served by the endpoint. 

New filter for IIS scanning

We have been asked for more precision when scanning instances of IIS (Microsoft Internet Information Services) for web apps and web services. Now, you can direct the filter to only scan certain items within an IIS instance rather than picking up everything.

As you get started with CodeLogic, keeping scans small can improve their speed and avoid bringing more into the system than you want. 

Additional updates

This release includes a number of bug fixes and minor user experience improvements. The most notable user interface change is the removal of the "Direct Impact" button. We determined that it largely duplicated what you would see elsewhere. As part of this change, the "Full Impact" option was simply renamed "Impact Analysis."

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