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CodeLogic 21.14 is Available

CodeLogic has released version 21.14 which is focused on user experience, performance, and quality enhancements.

Java Method Metadata

Scans of Java binaries will collect deeper telemetry on methods. The data is viewable as properties on the Node Details page. Teams finding heavily utilized methods can quickly see if those methods are long or complex. 

  • Code complexity: A complexity score is assigned to each method.  
  • Instruction count: A simple count of instructions in the method. This is similar to traditional views of length while avoiding punishing white space.
  • Argument count: The number of arguments the method accepts.

User Experience Enhancements

  • Loading indicators: We heard a very positive response to the loading indicator we added to the Web UI's dependency map function. The team has added the same indicator to other parts of the product that may take a moment to load. We are looking to let users more clearly understand whether all of the elements that will be there are there.
  • Branding updates: CodeLogic has a new logo and is adjusting some of its colors to be easier to read. This update brings the product experience into line with changes you may have seen on our website over the past week or two.


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