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CodeLogic 21.10 Adds Native Scans

This week we release version 21.10 of CodeLogic introducing our compiled code scanning capability, optimized for the C and C++ languages. This release continues to refine the Node Detail page, expand our AWS integrations, and provides more flexibility in SQL scanning.

Native C/C++ Scanning

CodeLogic can now decompose fully compiled code. With this initial release, the capability has been optimized for C and C++ and is available only on Linux (Ubuntu and RHEL). This new capability is powerful both for fully native applications as well as for byte-code applications that utilize some native libraries. 

Additional Updates

  • Delete top-level nodes: Scanned something you don't want in the system anymore? You may now delete top-level nodes. The option is available in the "Actions" pane of the web interface. 
  • Node Detail Counts: It was hard to know whether anything interesting was happening in the governance areas of Node Details. We've added counts to the tabs to let you know if anything is in there before you click. 
  • AWS Agent Scans ECR: CodeLogic now scans the Elastic Container Registry pulling in lists of images and their tags. 
  • SQL Agent works on passwordless databases: For various reasons, some databases don't have passwords. Our SQL scanner no longer requires a password to attempt to connect to a database. 



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